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Site updated August 29, 2007 - See the news page for update information.


  • Dust and Pollution Control Equipment
    bulletPulse Jet Filters : Compressed Air tech-airjet 
    bulletModel Z : Panelized-Galvanized Dust Collectors
    bulletModel X : Welded Dust Collectors
    bulletModel BV : Bin Vents
    bulletModel R : Round Filter Receivers
    bulletReverse Air No compressed air required
    bulletFiltra-Kleen : Large expandable filter
    bulletBack-Flo : Bin Vent without compressed air
    bulletRD Filtra Kleen : Continuous cleaning low pressure filter 
    bulletCyclone : 'HE' and 'A' Series
    bulletScreen-Air : Typically used for grain dryer filter
    bulletAspirators : Typically used for soybean dehulling
    bulletPressurizers : for pressurizing or purging control rooms
    bulletCentral-Vac Vacuum Sweep Systems
  • Pneumatic Material Conveying Equipment
    bulletCheck-Veyor Pneumatic Conveying System
    bulletPower-Flap : Double Dump Discharge Valve
    bulletRoto-Seal : Rotary Airlock
    bulletBlower Package Vacuum or pressure in any arrangement
    bulletLine Diverter for abrasive applications
    bulletScale Valve for abrasive applications
  • Electrical Controls and Plant Automation From PLC to Relay logic
  • Spare Parts for all aspects of material handling



    Tech-Air, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing dust control and pneumatic conveying systems and components for over 20 years. Our corporate philosophy is based on providing innovative solutions by working closely with our customers to solve problems, not just sell equipment. We furnish total system service, from initial design to product manufacturing to ﳰan>turn keyﳰan> installation. Tech-Air equipment can be found around the world in a variety of applications and industries, including mineral processing, chemicals, agricultural, cement, roofing products, fiberglass and many others.  

    An example of innovative technology developed by Tech-Air is the Check-veyor, a revolutionary alternative to conventional airlocks for pressure pneumatic conveying systems handling abrasive materials. The Power Flap has been designed to handle abrasive materials on vacuum pneumatic conveying systems by incorporating many of the concepts used in the Check-veyor

    We offer a complete line of pulse-jet bag and cartridge filters, including our welded 伯b> models and the popular 伯b> models, which are constructed of bolt-on galvanized steel panels for easy shipping and installation. Tech-Air also supplies bin vents, round filters and filter receivers. In addition, standard and high efficiency cyclones are manufactured in our plant. 

    Tech-Air maintains 2 corporate aircraft to assure maximum service and versatility. Our manufacturing facility in Osawatomie, KS allows us to ensure quality control of Tech-Air produced equipment and machinery.  

    Contact Information

    Postal address
    10200 West 75th. Street Suite 102  Shawnee Mission, Ks. 66204
    Electronic mail
    General Information: techair@techairinc.com
    Sales / Support: mwgabbert@techairinc.com knoland@techairinc.com
    Webmaster: knoland@techairinc.com 


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