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Dust Control
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DustControl.jpg (835377 bytes)Click on the image to view a typical Dust Control System
Model 'Z' Galvanized Filter Shown

Tech-Air, Inc. has developed a diverse product line of filters and equipment to meet your dust control needs. Whether you need a bin vent filter that does not require compressed air for a silo, a high temperature filter that is critical to your manufacturing process or a high efficiency cyclone separator on a pneumatic conveying system, Tech-Air can furnish the solution to your problem.

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Tech-Air offers baghouse filters, cartridge filters, cyclone/cyclonette separators, pulse-jet filters, reverse air filters, filter receivers and a number of specialty filters for specific industries or applications. In addition we design and manufacture central vacuum systems for housekeeping purposes.

Dust Control Product Line


Pulse-Jet Filters

TECH-AIR  manufactures a complete line of industrial pulse jet filters. The experts at TECH-AIR can help you choose the right filter for your application, as well as assist you in determining the proper filter media and accessories that may be needed.

                    Model's 'Z', 'X', 'R', 'BV'

Model Z TECHAIRJET filters are manufactured with bolted galvanized steel panels for easy shipping and installation, this is our most economical pulse jet baghouse filter. Top or bottom bag removal and walk-in plenums are available with this filter series.  

Model X TECHAIRJET filters are made of  #12 gauge carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel, the welded construction allows them to withstand up to 20箃. negative pressure. These filters are available with the same options as the popular Z series. In addition, these units can come with special finishes such as epoxy paint, the interior housing seams can be welded continuous and ground finishes will be provided for food grade applications.

Model R Round filters and filter receivers capable of withstanding  pressures up to 17觠are manufactured by TECH-AIR. These filters can also have special finishes or welding arrangements to suit specific applications.

Model BV Bin Vent filters filters are offered in 3 different arrangements, I, II and III. Arrangement I is the clean air header section with the pulse-jet cleaning mechanism, clean air plenum, tube sheet, bags and cages. Arrangement II is Arrangement I with a dirty air plenum, while Arrangement III is Arrangement II with a hopper. Filters can have a top or bottom bag removal option.

Baghouse/Cartridge Filters: In addition, TECH-AIR will furnish cartridge filters in lieu of standard bag type filters if requested or if the application is appropriate.

High Temperature Filters are available to suit your application. Contact Tech-Air about your specific needs.

 High Pressure Filters can be fabricated at our Osawatomie, KS manufacturing facility. Contact Tech-Air regarding your system requirements.

bullet  Reverse-Air Filters



                    RD Filtra Kleen

bullet          Cyclone/Cyclonette Separators

Standard and high efficiency Cyclone separators come in sizes from 500 CFM to 24,000 CFM.

bullet          Screen-Air Dryer Filters
bullet          Aspirators
bullet          Room Pressurizers
bullet          Central Vacuum Sweep Systems 

Tech-Air will design and manufacture a central vacuum sweep system with multiple operator stations. Systems include filter, fan, duct work and vacuum sweep tools and components.

                        Add-A-Vac A one operator 駧y back㹳tem that works in conjunction with an existing dust control system. This system features a classifier which has the ability to drop out heavier particles while the dust goes to the existing dust control system.

                        Versa-Vac is a self contained Central Vacuum System that can be used with one or more operators. This system utilizes a positive displacement blower for a vacuum source,  creating a stronger system that can reach farther than most conventional systems.


Materials of Construction

bullet                    Carbon Steel
bullet                    Galvanized Carbon Steel
bullet                    Stainless Steel
bullet                    Aluminum

Products are available for abrasive and high temperature applications


Forms are currently under construction and non functional.

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