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Tech-Air manufactures a complete line of cyclone separators. Series A is our standard efficiency cyclone and can handle air volumes from 100 CFM to 24,000 CFM. Our Series HE cyclones can handle the same air volumes, with greater filter efficiencies. Both models come with the following construction options or accessories:  





bulletHeavy gauge construction
bulletStainless Steel or aluminum
bulletSpecial inlet linings, including ceramic, AR plate or urethane
bulletInlet and outlet transitions
bulletWall Support
bulletSupport Legs
bulletClean Out Access Openings
bulletClockwise or Counter Clockwise rotation
bulletDischarge Trap

Cyclonette separators are also available with carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel construction.

Download or View The 'A' Cyclone Brochure

Download or View The 'HE' Cyclone Brochure

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Last modified: August 29, 2007