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The Check-veyor is a unique and revolutionary alternative to rotary airlocks, double dump valves, screw pumps, eductors, pressure pots and other valves that are used in pressure pneumatic conveying systems that handle abrasive materials. By allowing the natural forces of the system blower air to cycle the gates, there are no moving, mechanically operated parts exposed to the product air stream and no precision machined tolerances that need to be maintained.

Abrasion is handled by ceramic lining the surfaces that see the material while the gates are made of an abrasive resistant product. The rugged bolt together construction and simple operating principles allows for ease of maintenance, resulting in reduced labor expense and system downtime. Material temperatures up to 700 degrees F can be tolerated.  The Check-veyor can be sized for rates up to 100 tons per hour.

Check-veyors are successfully handling such abrasive materials as silica sand, silica flour, quartz, feldspar, fly ash, cement, cement dust, calcium carbonate, talc, bed ash and other difficult products. The Check-veyor can be a cost effective solution to your pneumatic conveying problems.

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Last modified: August 29, 2007