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          10200 W 75th. St., Suite 102, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66204

                     Phone : (913)677-5777   Fax : (913)677-0674   

If you would like Tech-Air to prepare a proposal for a Check-Veyor, please capture (highlight all black text using your mouse, press Ctrl+C (to copy), Open your word processor to a new document, and press Ctrl+V (to paste captured form), or print this document and fax or e-mail it to us at techair@techairinc.com


We appreciate your interest in the Check-veyor for your pressure pneumatic conveying system. To ensure that the unit is sized correctly for your application, please answer the following questions as completely as possible. The more information that you provide us with, the better we can serve you. Mail or fax the completed form to address or fax number  shown above.


CUSTOMER INFORMATION                                           MATERIAL INFORMATION


Name _______________________________            Name of material_____________________________

Address______________________________            Bulk density (lbs/cubic foot)____________________

PO Box _______________________________           Bulk density (fluidized)_________________________

City, State, Zip_________________________           Temperature (degrees Fahrenheit)_____________

Telephone ___________________________             Material will be feed into Check-veyor by a:

Fax___________________________________           Bin __________________________________________

Contact_____________________________               Surge Hopper       _____________________________

                                                                                        Screw Conveyor   _____________________________

SYSTEM INFORMATION (if existing system)        Other (describe)  _____________________________


Diameter of line _________________________                           

Horizontal convey length of line__________                A sketch of the system below would  be helpful.           

Vertical convey length of line____________                                                                              

Number of elbows_______________________            

Blower HP_______________________________                                                                                          

Convey rate (in lbs/minute)______________

Designed CFM of  blower_________________               

Operating PSI of system at blower_________               

Clearance below hopper in inches_______                                                                             

Elevation of facility_______________________

Is compressed air available______________

Is there a vacuum (negative pressure) above the

Check-veyor_____Positive pressure________

If yes, how much (in W.C.)_________________

Is hopper vented _________________________


If possible, provide a blower curve chart                        





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Last modified: August 29, 2007