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Tech-Air offers a fabricated rotary airlock that features dual neoprene wiper blades utilizing zero clearance with a normal maximum operating differential pressure of 27 W.C. This construction provides for a durable, long lasting  valve at an economical price. Excellent valve for the discharge of dust control filters or on low pressure pneumatic conveying systems.

DUAL WIPERS: Provides maximum sealing characteristics under pressure conditions. Gives longer operational life than single wipers.

 ZERO CLEARANCE: There is no clearance between flexible wiper blades and valve body housing, prevents blow-by air loss. Only air loss is the air that is displaced by valve rotation.

 SIX BLADES: Assures seal by four blades at all times.

 FLEXIBLE WIPERS: Better operating characteristics can be obtained when passing irregular objects through the valve with  minimum of binding and stoppage.

 WIPER MAINTENANCE: Maintenance costs are reduced by simply replacing worn wiper blades with new ones. Inexpensive and easy to do.

 SIX SIZES: Valve sizes range from 8 inlets to 24 inlets to handle a wide range of desired rates.

 MATERIALS: Housing is mild steel, wiper blades are neoprene rubber.

 ROTATION: Maximum effective rotation is 30 RPM.

 TEMPERATURE:  Maximum temperature is 120 degrees F. Consult Tech-Air, Inc. for higher temperature applications.

 PRESSURE: Maximum normal operating pressure is 27 W.C. Consult Tech-Air, Inc. for higher pressure applications.


Rotary airlocks are available as bare valves, without motor and drives or as complete valves with motors and drives attached.

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Last modified: August 29, 2007